Face Lift/ Face Transplant

Surely, everyone knows that a surgery like performing a face transplant of face lift could fail. So, there are a lot of aspects that everybody who undergoes such a surgery has to take into consideration. For instance, one point which surgeons are agitated about is that person’s faces could become completely disfigured if anything goes wrong during the operation. Doctors are even worried whether the transplanted face will work or partially work. The person just allows the surgeon to shape and operate on his/ her face with all risks and complications. Such an operation is not about saving someone’s life or making someone healthier. One of the most dangerous and difficult surgeries about transplantations is to tissue the skin from another person’s body. It is also hard for persons to adapt a completely different and new face.
Face transplants is a very long procedure which are performed for ten years professionally. The first thing is cutting out the skin of the donor’s face from under the hairline down to the chin. After that, the surgeon departs the skin and the whole tissue from the donor. The doctor tries to move a lot of tissue from the donor because the tissue of the recipient could show a negative reaction. The further work of the surgeon is to depart the face of the recipient. For the blood flow, the secure of arteries is very important while performing this procedure. Finally, the surgeon puts an joins the veins and arteries from the recipient’s face to the donor’s tissue. The whole operation can take about twenty hours.
If the whole work is done, the new created face looks like a mixture of the donor’s face and the recipient’s face. But this is not the last version. If the procedures successes, the recipient has to take a certain kind of drugs to stay alive, so the problems of the face transplant are not conquered. The toxic stuff which is contained in these drugs cause dangerous complications (in most cases), or even illnesses like cancer. So, it is not only about the danger of the surgery and the complications during the operation but also after the procedure, the issues are present because of the toxic and harmful medicines.
As a result, in my opinion people, who decide for such a face transplant or face lifts in order to look better or extraordinary, are real freaks. They undergo a huge risk without taking the health issues into consideration. They just put their lives on the line as if it is a game. But on the other side, there are people who undergo such an operation after accidents. For example, in Turkey the first complete face transplant was performed on the 19 year old Ugur Acar who had a very bad accident and his face was completely damaged and disfigured and he had problems in the society. In this case, the person is forced to accept the surgery with all its risks. But then it is also justified.

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