Taboo Beauty

This video is what inspired me to write this post. I found it extremely related to our class discussion on January 25th.

Starting on the topic “only in America”, we can appreciate in this video this quote is untrue. The US may be is the instigator in this crazy plastic world, but the rest of the world is sure catching up quite fast. Whether they offer you the best treatment or just the cheapest one, cosmetic surgery tourism is a huge source of opportunities both for customers/patients and doctors. The customers/patients know that what can’t be done at home, someone will be willing to do abroad, no matter the consequences.

I can understand how a transgerder person needs their body to match their mind, and they’ll go as far as possible to make it happen. Sometimes this change is impossible at their home country (money, insurance, waiting lists) so they decide to go abroad for this procedure, even though many times the result is not even close what they had expected.

But when it comes to health, I can’t wrap my head around how many people go the extra mile and don’t listen to the expert’s advice. In the video we can see Sheyla Hershey being really devastated as they she is told that they are going to remove her implants. She is more concern about her looks than leaving her two young children motherless.

One Response to Taboo Beauty

  1. juliapohl says:

    It’s sad, but nowadays, money rules the world. That means that everyone does everything possible to get the most profiti out of everything. Doctors who are not qualified enough perform procedures and fail – some of them don’t care, as long as they get paid. People who know that surgical beauty procedures cost a certain amount of money because they need to be performed by experienced and qualified doctors still decide to go abroad to have the procedure done for less money, no matter what the consequences are. Money rules the world and sometimes you just reach a point in your life where you have to decide whether you want to save money or maybe your life. That’s the case with surgeries. If you don’t have the money to have a surgery done by a professional with enough experience, don’t have it done at all or you might be risking your life. If you’re more concerned by having the right breasts instead of being with your children, you might need to reconsider and reorganize your values.

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