The nurses are hot though…

Hi guys! This is not a blog 🙂 I found something that is related to what we did in class… and it is quite funny (and short:) at the same time. Look for yourself 🙂

Eat for free if you are over 350 lbs (160 kg)!


One Response to The nurses are hot though…

  1. juliapohl says:

    I love this one. Well, I think it’s good that some people don’t care about their weight. They go and eat where there’s coke made with pure sugar and burgers with over 8000kcals. And I think it’s great that there is a concept out there that’s totally different. What I think is kind of grotesque is that people over a certain amount of weight are rewarded by eating for free – but the waitresses probably are all only allowed to weigh 120lbs.

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