Killing Us Softly: Jean Kilbourne and Advertising Images of Women

In case you don’t know Jean Kilbourne already, you should. She’s the film-maker who has brought us four Killing Us Softly films over the years, each showing the ways images of women are manipulated and framed in (US) advertising to objectify and sexualize women. In the same vein as this Dove video, part of their Real Beauty campaign, which seeks to demystify the work that goes into making the “perfect” image, Kilbourne takes a serious look at advertising and the values it trasmits.

For a taste of Kilbourne’s work, watch the video below.

From Killing Us Softly 4:

Follow-up videos can be found on YouTube.

3 Responses to Killing Us Softly: Jean Kilbourne and Advertising Images of Women

  1. Thank you so much for putting up this video! My friends and I sat down to watch it and it was so illuminating!

  2. […] you ask? Well, the problem is that this poster uses the same visual language of advertising that Jean Kilbourne criticizes in her videos. That is, the poster uses a sexualized image of a woman to sell its product, in this case the […]

  3. juliapohl says:

    I mean, everyone knows that every commercial and ad is “fake” and retouched tens of times. But still, if you see an ad with beautiful women or men on/in it, everyone probably sometimes doubts him and herself. It’s nice to be reminded of the great amount of retouching that is done before a commercial or ad is published and that everyone is valuable and beautiful even though (or because!) he and she doesn’t look like the retouched person in the commercial.

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