Why people undergo cosmetic/plastic surgery

Over the last ten years, cosmetic surgery has extremely increased in popularity. There are a lot of people who definitely want to undergo cosmetic surgery for several reasons. They already know that such a surgery is unsafe, but according to them it is only unsafe when the surgeon is not qualified. There are some important reasons why they get a cosmetic surgery.
Firstly, some people may have gone through difficult times like a long period of sickness or a serious loss of weight so they want to correct the damages or disfigurements which are caused by any illness. To solve these problems, which could cause health issues, they get cosmetic surgery. For instance, if someone has problems with the bones (or an illness) and has to be operated to be healthy again. Sometimes such a surgery is the only way to survive. So this is one essential reason why people run the risk of surgery.
Furthermore, accidents also lead people sometimes to get a cosmetic surgery. People may have serious injuries caused by accidents like car crashes, sports, work accidents or anything one can think of. And the only option to fix such a problem may be a cosmetic or plastic surgery. When people get a cosmetic surgery because of these two reasons that I mentioned above, it is more or less justified to do so (in order to be healthy again).
But there are also other reasons which are just a personal decision. For example, people tend to a cosmetic surgery to boost their self-esteem. When someone changes something to her/his body that he/she have always wanted, this person want to present the change to others, so he/she appears much more self confident. So, the reason of boosting the self-esteem plays also a decisive role, although it does not change one’s life.
Moreover, to correct their deformities on their faces or bodies, people also take reconstructive surgeries. That means for example they want to correct physical birth defects like for example cleft lips and palates and ear deformities, traumatic injuries like those from dog bites or burns, or the aftermath of operations like rebuilding a female’s breast after they have undergone surgery for breast cancer.
Another factor that leads people to undergo plastic surgery is vanity. One can see botox, face lifts, augmenting of breast as vanity procedures. Especially women want to show other people how perfect they are, perhaps to attract attention. Whatever the reason might be, there are statistics that give some huge numbers about cosmetic surgery. Just in the United States, about eleven million cosmetic surgeries were performed in 2006. Also patients who do not have the money try to find any possibility to have the cosmetic surgery they want to. For instance, they contact a person who illegally performs surgeries. Of course this endangers the health of patients who risk such an operation, but if they really are committed to have a certain change of their faces or bodies they accept the risks.
Aside from successful procedures, there are also disastrous ones not only caused by illegal “surgeons” but also by qualified surgeons. In my opinion, surgeries are acceptable if one undergoes it for example after an accidental damage in the face. But if you take serious risks just for vanity, you exceed the limits of cosmetic surgery. The probability of a unsuccessful end also exists so is this not putting the body on the line? I am sure there are different opinions about the moral correctness of this issue. However, the pros and cons are apparently shown by the media, so the last decision has to be chosen by patients themselves.



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