The delusion of steroid-abuse and bulimia

Bigger, faster, stronger! This is a line we all have heard a thousand times. Be it in Kanye West’s song “stronger” or on various commercial ads. We are all expected to look like Brad Pitt. When we fail to look like Tommy Hilfiger’s modles, we have somehow failed. We are inferior. Society gives us the ideal image of what we are supposed to look like.

When looking at the fitness-food-supplement-industry, we only have to look at some of the product’s names and we get an idea of what is expected from us:

“Createston”, “Anabolic  Stack”, “Testo-Stack” – these names suggests that we, as men, ought to be muscular, manly testosteron-studs.

So if we fail to be lean and muscular, and if we don’t have at least a decent amount of muscle on our body, we are shameful creatures, but you certainly are not a man. “So please…don’t take that shirt off!”

This may sound funny, but it is in many cases deadly! Namely, when it leads to the abuse of anabolic steroids or to bulimia.

Some young men are convinced that they are worthless feminine whimps. Their inferiority complexes, which have been fueled by society, make them forget the numerous potentialy deadly side-effects of abusing anabolic steroids.

For men, the short term side effects of abusing anabolic steroids are roid-rage, depression water retention, atrophy of the testicles, gynecomastia or growing of female breasts on men, acne, high cholesterol which may result in heart attacks or strokes, growth problems in young men, cardio vascular problems, prostate cancer, liver problems and so forth.

Only very few women abuse steroids but the side effects of steroid abuse are also severe in females. The most famous side effect came to the world’s attention back at around 1970, when the female olympic swimmers of the DDR had grown manly beards. For women, other side effects of abusing steroids are coarse skin, deepening of the voice, shrinking of the breasts, growth of the clitoris, disruptions of the menstrual cycle, weakening of the immune system, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular damage and the increased risk of heart attacks and the list of the side-effects for men and women goes on and on and on if you choose to research it.

And above it all, abusing steroids is a criminal act and you may even have to spend time behind bars if you take part in it.

Many women struggle with bulimia. Bulimia is an eating disorder. The people suffering from it binge eat big amounts of food and then vomit it out a couple of minutes later. 90% of the people suffering from this disease are women and only 10% are men.

Binge eating, constant vomiting and the undercaloric intake of nutrition result in an array of symptomes: dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, inflammation of the esophagus, rupture of the esophagus, oral traumas, caused by the frequent insertion of the fingers into the mouth, constipation, infertility, severe dental erosion, swollen salivary glands and so on.

These women have been manipulated and made believe by society that they are worthless and ugly if they have an inch to pinch.

Some people suffer from such horrendous inferiority and shame complexes, that they are willing to take all the above risks in order to look allegedly perfect, to belong to the allegedly big, the allegedly strong, the allegedly fast, the allegedly beautiful.


Sources for the side-effects:

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