Addition to the post on “Why people undergo cosmetic/plastic surgery”

I want to comment on the blog post about “Why people undergo cosmetic/plastic surgery. Since this is what we talked about in class today, I think this is an interesting topic to discuss. Today, we talked about the many people that undergo plastic / cosmetic surgery and what their reasons for that might be. We also discussed the question of when and at what point it is reasonable to undergo cosmetic surgery. Is it only justified when someone was in an accident – is it even justified when someone is simply not content with his or her body? Or is it justified in any case – is it a personal choice? Whether cosmetic surgery is considered because of an aesthetic aspect (boost of self-esteem, etc.) or because someone is severely injured due to an accident… Either way – I find one question particularly interesting: What are the consequences of an unsuccessful cosmetic surgery? There are more than enough illegal surgeons and the mortality rate is tremendously high. Too many people die of cosmetic surgeries – which is also due to unreliable and illegal doctors. Way too many surgeries are performed outside the hospital in a doctor’s office. Of course, they are a welcome “second income generator” for the surgeons and the effort for the doctors is very small. Often,  little more physician training is required than a weekend hands-on seminar. Many doctors are not only insufficiently qualified but also discharge many patients too hastily. Not long after the patients have completed extensive surgical procedures and prolonged anesthesia or awake sedation, they are released and left on their own without any supervision. It doesn’t happen too often but it still happens that – in the worst case – this early discharge after an operation can lead to death. Many patients also have the need to not only undergo one cosmetic surgery but to combine one surgery with another surgical / cosmetical procedure. But: Most of the times, the additional (increased) risk of major complications is not being considered – neither by patients nor by the doctors. There is (of course) also the pressure to be beautiful – as the author of the blog post on “Why people undergo cosmetic / plastic surgery” mentioned. The main problem is that plastic surgery is often confused with cosmetic salon treatments (like beuaty treatments or wrinkle-reducing injections). Many people forget about the risks of more “serious” procedures and only focus on living up to the standard of “beauty”. There is no personal definition of beauty anymore. TV, media and the other perople around us give us the idea of what “beatiful” and “beauty” should mean – and we believe it. The pressure to be beautiful confuses people and makes them believe almost everything. There is the risk of being trapped in cross-sellings (as already mentioned) where serious medical procedures are sold to unwitting customers when they just go to have a non-invasive beauty treatment.

As I already mentioned, I think that this question of “What might the consequences of an unsuccessful surgical procedures be?” is one of the most interesting. To me, it doesn’t matter whether people want to undergo cosmetic surgery or whether it is justified in some cases or not or if it is only a matter of personal decision. I think that it is most important to know about the facts and risks of cosmetic surgery and that everyone can make the decision of whether to undergo cosmetic surgery or not informed and based on the facts. Personally, I think that it is everyone’s personal choice to decide whether he or she needs to / should undergo surgery or not.

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